Voluntary Work

Types of
Voluntary Work

When one is interested in doing voluntary work, they need to find opportunities out there that make sense for them and their talents. Not all voluntary work is the same and not everyone is cut out for just any kind of work. For more info about dopapir dugnad click here. 


figure out

Each Person

Each person has to figure out what they can do to better their community and how they can best put their talents to use while doing voluntary work.

Finds a Job

When someone finds a job that they are actually good at or that they enjoy, they will want to continue doing voluntary work for a long time and they will be interested in changing lives for the better.


Some choose to take care of children as they are taking on voluntary work. Dugnad sokker They would like to spend time with young people who are full of energy and happy to have some attention.


Those people can also find opportunities to help out in their local schools or with after school programs.

Someone Enjoys

If someone enjoys being around children, they can make a big difference in the lives of young people by completing voluntary work.

Voluntary Work

Some enjoy being out in nature and are looking for voluntary work that they can do that will allow them to get out and work with the earth.

people can find

Those people can find voluntary work

Those people can find voluntary work that will allow them to help better the planet. One might help out at a local park to make sure that the plants there are being cared for. One might see if there is a community garden that they can work in. Russe dugnad The one who enjoys being out in nature can find voluntary work that they can do that will allow them to do that. Find more about Volunteering here:


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